VoIP.ms Console Privacy Policy

This app does not collect or pass on any user data. All data requested or entered is used solely to provide parameters to API function calls to the VoIP.ms server. PC Ability has no association with VoIP.ms, and is merely an accepted client to their API. All communications with the VoIP.ms API are carried over HTTPS, which means all transmissions (in and out) are encrypted, and cannot be intercepted. PC Ability does not maintain a back-end to this app, and therefore does not collect any information from it. This app connects only with the VoIP.ms public API.

More specifically, here is the purpose of various pieces of data and/or permissions requested by the app:

Username and Password are stored locally only for the purposes of logging into the VoIP.ms service. This information is NOT TRANSMITTED to any other entity.

The use of the Record Audio permission is requested solely to allow VoIP.ms Console to record WAV files. These files are stored locally, and are ONLY transmitted to VoIP.ms when you explicitly do so. These files are NEVER transmitted to any other entity.

Permission to Write to External Storage is requested so that the above audio files are written to publicly-accessible folders on your device, thus allowing you to easily examine and manipulate them outside of the VoIP.ms Console app.

Your Phonebook entries are accessed ONLY to provide better Call Logs. This information is not collected, nor is it transmitted to any entities, including VoIP.ms.

Permission to make Phone Calls is requested so that you can make calls directly from the Call Log. No outgoing call information is collected nor transmitted to any other entities.

The System Alert Window permission is requested to allow incoming text messages to be displayed over the lock screen on your device.