A Call to Users with Field Test Mode

Last Updated: 23-Oct-2002

If you have Field Test Mode on your phone, and know how to use it, I'd like your help. My ID lists for Microcell Connexions and Rogers GSM, as well as my PN Offsets list for Telus PCS and Bell Mobility, are incomplete, and I can't drive everywhere to find the information myself. This is where your help comes in. If you know the ID (in the case of GSM) or PN Offsets (in the case of CDMA) for a site that is not on my list, or you find that one of the sites on my list is in error, then please pass it along to me.

I am especially in need of PN Offsets for Bell Mobility, since the list is much newer than my others. In their case, I would also like to know if the site in question is 800 MHz or 1900 MHz (you should be able to determine that easily from your Field Test screens).

If the site you are reporting is on my maps, just provide me with the nearest cross street. If the site you are providing is not on my maps, try and describe the location as best you can. If you have longitude and latitude information, that would be great also.

Thank you in advance.