Comparing Performance of Telus PCS Phones

When I test a Telus PCS here in Toronto I'm doing so STRICTLY on the Telus 1900 MHz CDMA network. There is no guarantee that any given phone has identical performance at 1900 MHz as it does at 800 MHz. Subsequently, there is no way to know for certain that the phones I've tested will have identical performance (compared to other Telus PCS phones) when these phones are used in the west, or in areas where you roam on Bell Mobility in the east.

For example, if Phone A has superior RF performance to phone B at 1900 MHz, yet inferior performance at 800 MHz, then users in areas predominantly covered by 800 MHz service will experience worse performance on Phone A.

I acknowledge this limitation of my testing, but it would too difficult to do proper 800 MHz testing of phones in the Toronto area, where Telus has only 1900 MHz service. Finding locations where all phone switches to Bell Mobility 800 MHz service is difficult. Without the aid of a Field Test Mode (which most of my test phones do not have activated) it would be impossible to know for certain that all test phones were working on that frequency.