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Bell Mobility at Bayview & Major MacKenzie.JPG (12861 bytes) Here is a close-up of a Bell Mobility analog and PCS antenna at Major MacKenzie & Bayview in Richmond Hill. The one on the bottom is the analog antenna.

Added: 09-Jul-2000

Bell Mobility at the Humber River & QEW.JPG (63501 bytes) This Hydro tower contains Bell PCS antennas. The antennas themselves are mounted sticking out of the top, but there are also mounts lower down. These mounts have not yet been used. You can find this site at Queensway & Kingsway in Etobicoke.

Added: 05-Feb-2000

Bell and Cantel at 410 and Bovard.JPG (54598 bytes) This tower contains Bell analog, and Rogers antennas. The antennas on the top are Bell's, while the ones below that are Rogers's. This site is on the southwest corner of Highway 410 & Bovaird in Brampton.

Added: 13-Dec-1999

This Bell Mobility site can be found at the corner of Central Parkway & Burnhamthorpe in Mississauga. In terms of visual impact, this one rates somewhere around mid-pack.

Added: 09-Nov-1998

This is a typical Bell Mobility omni-directional street corner microcell. This one is mounted on a lamp standard, but many are disguised as flagpoles. This one, like most of its kind, are for analog only.

Added: 09-Nov-1998

Not a particularly pretty site, but nowhere near as ugly as some of the Rogers installations. This one is on Terry Fox Way near Bristol in Mississauga.

Added: 09-Nov-1998

Here's what a Bell Mobility GPS antenna looks like. You can compare that with the type used by Clearnet to tell whose site it is. This one is located with the Explorer Drive site pictured below.

Added: 09-Nov-1998

This site on Explorer Drive in Mississauga clearly shows the "Half Can" antennas used on their analog system. Each of those cans contains three 60 degree antennas apiece. You can also see a standard PCS antenna in this picture as well.

Added: 09-Nov-1998

This site at Hurontario & the QEW in Mississauga contains both Bell Mobility and Rogers antennas. You can only see one Rogers antenna, mounted above the "R" in the word "Renting". As with most Bell sites, this contains cellular and PCS antennas.
The tower in the foreground is Bell Mobility's, while the one further back (on the right side of the Cannon billboard) is Clearnet's. The tall structure is the CN Tower. That's over 1,800 feet tall, so you wouldn't want to put a site there. This picture is taken on the north side of the Gardener Expressway, just north of the CNE.
This is one of Bell Mobility's strikingly beautiful towers, located at Highway 401 & Avenue Road in Toronto. Bell has 6 of these towers in the GTA.
This is a close-up of the tower you saw in the above picture.
This is a Bell Mobility PCS site atop a Hydro tower at Mississauga Road & the QEW. The antennas are hard to see, but they are right at the top of these two poles.
This is a typical Bell Mobility "microcell", located along the side of the QEW just west of Dixie Road in Mississauga.
Here's another microcell located on the north side of the QEW at Evans Avenue in Etobicoke.
This site contains Rogers, Clearnet, and Bell Mobility antennas. The Bell site is the one on the white monopole to the right of the picture. This is located at Eglinton & Erin Mills Parkway in Mississauga (right outside Credit Valley Hospital).